The role of dietary elements in your body

Do you know what the dietary elements in our body are? We have four main elements plus trace elements. Learn more about several examples of the roles of trace elements! #stemvee

[Image Description: Afro-Latino brown-skinned man wears a dark violet V-neck-long sleeve shirt, has a small spiky-afro hairstyle, and has a beard with a tiny patch of hair in the center of his chin (soul patch). The background is white.

2:44 – 2:50: An image of a glandular and yellow organ, the pancreas, is located behind the stomach and liver. The gallbladder is a small, green, pear-shaped organ on the right side of your abdomen, just beneath your liver. The liver, stomach, and tan body diagrams are fading transparent.

3:30 – 3:40: An image of a corrin ring with a Cobalt atom in the center, the only metal in the molecule, positioned right in the center of the structure by four coordinated bonds of nitrogen from four pyrrole groups.

3:47 – 4:03: image of a neuron cell. Dark pink in the spikes along with circular cells labeled dendrite. The light pink body along with the grey circle with dark spots is labeled cell body. The elongated portion of the neuron is labeled the axon. Pink coverage on the axon labeled myelin sheath. The pink spark of microscopic gaps that separate the terminal buttons of one neuron from receptors (usually, located on the dendrites) of another neuron is labeled a synapse.]

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