You will never be able to unlearn what figs are!

Do you know how figs like those in Fig Newtons are produced? They need dead wasps to make these delicious fruits! Watch to find out what that’s all about!

[Video Description: Barbara, a white woman wearing a maroon long-sleeve shirt, stands in the foreground. In the background are three plants. On the left is a white bookshelf with various books and trinkets. On the right is a framed art by Nancy Rourke “The Deaf Mind”.

00:02:08 – An image of two Fig Newtons stacked on top of each other.

00:23:10 – A cross-section image of fig.

06:20:02: A full-screen image: This video is sponsored by RIT/NTID Regional STEM Center. Below is a logo of RIT on the left with National Technical Institute for the Deaf on the right.] #deaf #stemeducation

#stem #STEMVee



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