The secret life of ants

The weather is warming up and you see a line of black dots on the floor headed to the kitchen and pet food. What are they?? Ants! Learn more about 3 different types of ants – they are more than just household pests! Thank you to Liz for creating the script! #STEMinASL
[Video Description: Alicia, an Asian woman wearing a ¾-sleeved black shirt, is standing in front of a gray background.

0:52 – image of a honeypot ant with a swollen abdomen full of sugary liquid
01:29 – a nest with many honeypot ants hanging upside down with swollen abdomens
02:07 – a tree branch with three leafcutter ants in a row carrying a small piece of leaf.
02:48 – soil with a white dusting of fungi and ants walking over it to take care of the fungus
04:05 – a large leaf covered in tiny aphids that are either a pale white or black and an ant watching the aphids
04:29 – green leaf with a black aphid on top excreting a white liquid known as honeydew.
06:14 – A full screen image: This video is sponsored by RIT/NTID Regional STEM Center. Below is a logo of RIT on the left with National Technical Institute for the Deaf on the right.]
#STEMvee #deaf #stemeducation #stem



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