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Women in Biology

Take a peek inside the mysterious world of living things! Learn alongside the inspirational women who've changed the world with their scientific discoveries. This fun story of biology is a perfect place for young scientists to start their own journeys of discovery and wonder. Discover the power of curiosity and resilience by following a conversation between an spunky young protagonist, who ask questions about the world around her, and a scientifically astute narrator, whose answers are crafted to be both accurate and understandable for to a young mind. In this way, learning the basics of biology, chemistry and physics becomes an effortless outcome of enjoying the story. Science Wide Open is a series of scientifically accurate children's books with a mission to teach young kids about Chemistry, Biology, and Physics while highlighting some of the many mind blowing achievements of Women of Science!

Women in Botany

Can one seed make a difference? Women in Botany introduces kids to the science of botany, guided by the investigative questions of a spunky girl. Learn about timeless women botanists who have used tiny seeds to do huge things like create new medicines, feed their communities, and help preserve the environment. Designed to motivate kids to learn more about the fascinating world of plants, this book has been peer reviewed by an extensive team of scientists, science educators, and parents. Concepts covered include photosynthesis; parts of a seed, plant, and flowers; agriculture; the Linnaean System; hybrid plants; plant diversity; medicinal plants; and conservation. Book six of the riveting “Science Wide Open” series, Women in Botany shows young readers how their own big ideas can blossom.


Teach big concepts to little kids! Learn about some of the most fundamental concepts in science BEFORE the social pressure and intimidation of formal schooling. Atoms are the essential building blocks for everything in the universe. From the water you drink, to the hair on your head, and the book in your hands — they're all made out of the exact same atoms! You'll learn about the structure of an atom; protons, neutrons, and electrons; charge and mass properties; molecules and compounds; covalent and ionic bonds; the periodic table; and so much more. Basic Chemistry has never been such fun!

Women In Engineering

Women in Engineering introduces kids to six determined women—from ancient times to present day—who have dreamed up ideas to improve and connect the world. Explore the field of engineering through the questions of a spunky girl whose inquiries guide an engaging, scientifically accurate conversation.



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