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As practicing deaf scientists and educators, we are uniquely qualified to contemporize the educational community and the signing community with recent advances in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, education, and language.

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We offer top-quality English to American Sign Language (ASL) translation services for anything STEM-related (e.g., tests, exhibits, interpretive signs, source texts from websites, books, etc.). We have extensive experience working with state assessments and state- and federally-funded projects to translate English texts into ASL for STEM-related materials. Through experience, we developed a state-of-the-art system with a built-in iterative process that produces first-rate products and high client satisfaction.

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Training & Consultation

We offer customized training and consultation on topics including but not limited to, learning STEM in ASL, creating a deaf-friendly STEM workplace, and developing ASL-centric STEM resources. We work with a multitude of educators, interpreters, K-12 schools, universities, organizations, and corporations to promote continual learning and support the development of quality STEM materials in ASL.

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Resource Development

We offer expertise in developing ASL STEM materials and signs for STEM concepts. We have an extensive network of deaf STEMists and have worked with many of them on STEM sign and content development projects and STEM outreach programs. As practicing scientists, we are uniquely positioned to integrate current advances in STEM fields into educational programs with the goal of providing future deaf STEMists with cutting-edge skills needed to succeed in the STEM workforce.

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