How does texting work?

Texting has become a huge part of our daily lives. What happens when you hit “send” on your phone? How does your message make its way across the room or to the other side of the world to someone else’s phone? Watch to find out! #STEMvee

[Video Description: Barbara, a white woman wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, is standing in front of a gray background.

00:07 – An image of an iPhone with blue and gray colored text bubbles.

01:18 – A white circle resembling a dot.

01:21 – A white line resembling a dash.

01:36 – A line of white zeros and ones in front of Barbara.

01:46 – Multiple lines of white zeros and ones in the front of Barbara.

02:34 – An image of two waves (yellow and dark red) with white lines depicting a wavelength (short and long). Visible waves are colored yellow and radio waves are colored dark red.

03:09 – A graph showing an example waveform. Time is denoted on the x-axis (1 to 10). The graph has a red wave traced with a blue dashed waveform. Above the wave is a line of zeros and ones.

03:39 – A photo of a cell tower behind a field of grass and trees.

03:51 – An image of 12 hexagons resembling cells with an individual cell tower inside each hexagon.

06:22 – An image of the entire texting process from creating binary code in an iPhone, transmitting a message to a nearby cell tower, then to a brain-like network of computers, then to a nearby cell tower of another person, to the person’s iPhone in the form of binary code.]



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