The social life of forests

Trees are much more than what they are to us. Trees can and do “talk” to each other. How is this possible? What are they sharing with each other? Watch to find out! #STEMinASL

[Video Description: Barbara, a white woman, is wearing a black V-neck long-sleeved shirt and a pair of silver hooped earrings.

0:02 – A photo of adult trees with green leaves and trunks in the background and the sun peering through them. There are green shrubs in the foreground.

1:30 – A photo shows an African savannah with tan grasses. There is an umbrella thorn acacia tree on the right and a giraffe, on the left, eating the leaves off the tree.

4:28 – Top photo: A close-up photo of a leaf with a parasitic orange wasp on the top of a brown/tan caterpillar.

4:33 – Bottom photo: A close-up photo of a green caterpillar climbing on a green stem with white oval-shaped eggs on its back.

5:09 – A drawing of trees with their underground roots connecting to each other through green lines.

5:33 – A cross-section photo showing three plants and their roots connected in a spider-like web by white filamentous mycelium.

7:03 – A photo showing a giant tree with a brown circular patch (no grass) surrounding the tree and some green grass further away from the tree.

7:46 – A photo showing a trail through a dense forest with sunlight peeking through the trees.]

*Text excerpts from several sources and modified for Atomic Hands



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