Vaccine Series #1 – Your Immune System

COVID-19 vaccine. The first series provides a brief overview of your immune system! New vaccine series videos released every few days.

Check out Health Signs Center and Deaf in Scrubs for more COVID-19 content in ASL!

[Video Description: Alicia, a mixed Asian woman wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with long brown hair, is sitting in front of a light brown wood panel background on a rust colored couch.]

Transcript: As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more available, we are seeing more information about the vaccine, some side effects, and many false information. We will be releasing a series of videos related to COVID-19 and the vaccine. First, let’s talk about the science behind vaccines. How do they work? What’s in the vaccine? Before we can get to the vaccine, let’s talk about YOU and your body. Inside your body you have a huge system that works hard to keep you healthy and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong. This is called the immune system. When our body encounters a foreign material or a pathogen such as a virus or bacteria from a cut, our immune system becomes alert and calls for reinforcement. They will go to the site of infection and learn how to recognize that material or pathogen by taking a piece. This later gets stored in our immune system for future attacks. Oftentimes when the body sees the same pathogen again, the response is a lot quicker because the immune system knows what to do. Think of it as learning a new skill. The first time you’re slow and you might need to figure things out, but then the second time you are more familiar and can do the job quicker and better. This is just like the immune system. Another example is chickenpox. People who get the chickenpox will almost never get it again because the body has stored a copy of the virus and if it sees the virus again, it is able to stop the virus before it takes over the body.



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