Why you cannot taste anything without saliva?

Have you tried drying your tongue using a towel and closing your eyes and putting unknown dry food on your tongue? What happened? You cannot taste anything! Watch to find out why this is the case! #STEMvee

***A special thank you to a fellow Deaf STEMist for pointing out that the “famous” tongue map has been debunked and we have revised our video to reflect the most up-to-date information on taste buds. This is a wonderful example of why it is important for our community to support and work together to keep ourselves educated on the latest information in STEM fields!

[Video Description: Barbara, a white woman wearing a forest green tank top, is sitting in the foreground and the background has a window in the center and few plants on the left and right sides.

4:16 – A full screen image: This video is sponsored by RIT/NTID Regional STEM Center. Below is a logo of RIT on the left with National Technical Institute for the Deaf on the right.]



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