Truths and myths about Seaspiracy

Seaspiracy, a recently popular and sensational documentary on Netflix about the environmental impacts of fishing in the ocean, has garnered worldwide attention with positive reviews for eliciting attention to the issues and negative reviews for its scientific accuracy. Atomic Hands want to take the time to dissect the Seaspiracy film and discuss what parts are truthful and what are false. This way, we all can be informed about our choices that concern the ocean. #STEMinASL

If you want to watch specific issues, here are the time stamps:

00:00 Introduction: Misinformation and Seaspiracy Summary

03:57 Sustainable Fishing

06:25 By-catch

10:45 Plastic Pollution

14:03 Aquaculture

18:35 Sustainable Seafood Certifications

22:06 Racism and Xenophobism

24:15 Food Production

26:06 Human overpopulation

27:06 Conclusion: Responsible Information Sharing and Realistic Solutions

Some parts of our message are excerpts from the articles below. If you want more in-depth information on truths and myths behind Seaspiracy and buying seafood responsibly, read the articles and blogs by renowned marine ecologists below:

What Netflix’s Seaspiracy gets wrong about fishing, explained by a marine biologist

The Science of Seaspiracy

Ray Hilborn’s thoughts on Seaspiracy

Ray Hilborn on the Role of Industry Fishing

Seaspiracy: Why We Believe Responsible Aquaculture is More Important than Ever

Marine Stewardship Council: Our Seaspiracy Response

How to eat more sustainable seafood (a guide)



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