Celebrating APHA month with cherry and ginkgo trees

Last year, Alicia created this video for APHA month and to honor her mother, but we never posted it out of respect for Black Lives Matter. This year, we are a little late, but better late than never! Learn some new facts about cherry blossoms and ginkgo trees!

[Video Description: Alicia, an Asian woman, wearing a grey shirt with a red cardigan on top. Plants are in the background with a mug saying “woman on a mission”

01:23 – light pink/white cherry blossoms with 5 petals
01:25 – light pink/white cherry blossoms with 10 petals
01:27 – light pink/white cherry blossoms with 20 petals

01:34 – white cherry blossoms
01:35 – dark pink cherry blossoms under the white cherry blossoms photo
01:37 – yellow cherry blossoms]



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