What are detention ponds?

Detention ponds are not where you send ducks who cause trouble! Learn more about these ponds that you have seen but never knew for for! Anthony Maginity, a deaf civil engineer shares more details! #stemvee

[Video description: Anthony, a white man with short dark hair and a goatee. Wearing a blue 2 button t-shirt with an Under Armour logo on the chest. In the background is a pond with houses in the distance.

0:27: Location changes. The background of Anthony is now an open green field with a row of trees in the distance. The sky is gray and it is raining a bit.

1:04: The background of Anthony shows a pond on the left with a blooming tree behind Anthony. On the right is grass and a picnic table.

1:16- 1:22: on the right is an image of an outlet control structure, a concrete square with a grid on top surrounded by dirt.

1:41: video zoom over to a sign next to the pond that says “private property fishing for residents only. fishing pass required. No swimming, wading, boating, ice skating or ice fishing. Guests must be accompanied by homeowner. Violators will be prosecuted”.

1:52: Anthony is inside in a corner with white walls. On the right are two shelves with green pothos plants.]



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