Tis’ the season of cicadas!

Were you around when the cicadas were all over the east coast? Learn some cool facts about cicadas so you know more next time you see them! #STEMvee

[Video Description: Alicia, an Asian woman wearing a dark green short sleeve top, is sitting in the foreground. The background has light brown wood paneling. On left side is a plant and lamp. The right side has a ladder and a black shelf of several plants.

1:36 – a photo (top right) of a cicada in three stages, left is a cicada nymph, the exoskeleton of a cicada, and an adult cicada

2:00 – a photo (top right) of a white cicada underground molting from a brown exoskeleton shell

5:50 – a full screen image: This video is sponsored by RIT/NTID Regional STEM Center. Below is a logo of RIT on the left with National Technical Institute for the Deaf on the right]



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