The world’s first webcam made a coffee pot famous

How important is coffee? It’s important enough that the first webcam was created because of it!

#258STEMFacts #Coffee #Webcam #Research

[ID: Alicia is wearing a maroon shirt and black leggings. She walks to the coffee pot in her kitchen only to find it empty. She signs as text appears: Oh no, it’s empty! In 1991, the University of Cambridge created the first webcam to monitor a coffee pot! (the webcam and coffee pot is shown) Inside their research building, the main computer lab was where the coffee pot was located. Many scientists worked in different labs and on different floors, so they would often walk to the computer lab to find an empty pot. To solve this problem, scientists Dr. Stafford-Fraser and Dr. Jardetzky (their images shown) created a camera with the ability to grab images three times a minute. This way, researchers in the department could see if the coffee pot was full before heading out. Very interesting!]



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