How Tall is the World’s Tallest Tree?

The world’s tallest tree is a redwood named Hyperion — imagine around 75 Alicias stacked up all the way to the top to reach Hyperion! How tall do you think it is?

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[ID: Anirban is wearing a blue button-up shirt and standing in front of a tan wall. He signs as text and tree images appear: The world’s tallest tree is a redwood named “Hyperion,” which stands at a staggering 380 feet tall. Hyperion is located at the Redwood National Park in California, and in 2022, the National Park Service restricted visitors from approaching the tree. Redwoods’ root systems are incredibly shallow for the trees’ size, reaching only about 12 feet into the ground. They rely on drawing water from undisturbed detritus on the forest floor, like pine needles, which collect moisture from the forest’s thick swirling mists. People stepping on it and leaving trash did not help the vegetation, so when you visit, follow the appropriate trails and marvel at Hyperion from a safe distance. Very interesting!]



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