ASL Signs – cell division, mitosis, meiosis

Today’s #STEMsigns are cell division, mitosis, and meiosis!

*Signs shown on #STEMsigns are seen and used by the community and are not created by Atomic Hands. We encourage you to evaluate the sign and adopt or discard it; or develop a new sign!

[Video Description: Alicia, an Asian biracial woman wearing a three quarter-sleeved black shirt with straight hair and some front hair pulled back. She is sitting on a rust colored couch in the corner with white walls.]

Transcript: Today’s #STEMsigns are cell division, mitosis, and meiosis! Have you ever wondered how a cut on your arm heals or how babies born can look more like one parent than the other or an even mixture of both? These processes have to do with something known as mitosis and meiosis, two different forms of cell division. Our whole body is made up of cells that work together to make who we are. In order to repair or replace cells in our body, cells use a process known as mitosis. Mitosis will create an identical copy of the original cell with the exact same DNA. One cell becomes 2 new cells! This process is happening in all parts of our body right now! However, during meiosis, the process is a little different. Meiosis happens only in the sex cells such as the ovary and sperm, nowhere else. Every ovary and sperm cell have slightly different DNA from each other because these cells will be used to make unique individuals! When the cell completes the process, one cell becomes 4 uniquely different cells. This is why you may see siblings with different hair colors and eye colors!

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